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Refinancing Car Loans

Not happy with your current car loan finance plan?

Whether the original loan was approved at a high interest rate, or you simply ended up with a car that is too expensive for your lifestyle, Bank Approved offers Car Loan Refinancing and can help you get approved for a lower rate and/or payment than you are paying now.

When you originally applied for your car loan, you may have received a no credit or bad credit financing plan at a high interest rate, or you may have been “sold” a new car that doesn’t fit within your current income. Either way, if you have kept up on your payments, and have some positive credit marks otherwise, then regardless of your prior credit history, Bank Approved may be able to get you approved for a lower rate than you are paying now.

  • Lower Interest Rates – With a lower interest rate, you will be able to put more money towards the principle of the car loan and consequently pay off your loan faster or longer depending on what suits you best.
  • Lower Payments – Sometimes people get caught with a car loan that requires incredibly high payments. Refinancing can allow you to adjust your payments so you can live a more financially stable life.

Bank Approved is highly experienced and committed to helping our customers find the right vehicles and financing plans available to you.

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