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Bad/No Credit Car Loans

Found your dream car? Don’t let bad credit stop you from having it!

If you’re tired of being rejected because of your poor credit, don’t be discouraged, you are not alone. A 99% approval rate is confirmation of our commitment to our customers at Bank Approved. Our panel of lenders will still find you the lowest rates available, despite your credit rating. We recognize that obtaining financing can be difficult with a poor credit score; therefore we will work with you to determine which loan will best suit your needs.

  • Build equity – Turn your bad credit score around and start building equity. A Bank Approved car or truck loan is a perfect opportunity to improve your credit score, hassle-free.
  • Peace of mind – Don’t let your credit score take over your life. Even with bad credit, you can still obtain financing.
  • Affordability – Determine a monthly payment amount that you can afford, to start building credit right away. Fixed monthly payments are a good way to maintain stability and avoid surprises.
  • Customization – We will match you with the car loan that best suits your lifestyle.

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No Credit? No Problem!

Just because you have no credit, it doesn’t mean you can’t be approved for a car loan. We understand that there are many people who would like to own a car, but simply have no credit. Bank Approved has a wealth of experience helping customers with no credit be approved for an auto loan. There are many options for those who have no credit history! Bank Approved will help you get approved for a loan suited to your needs so you can start building credit right away.

  • Times are changing – You might think it’s impossible to get a car loan with no credit, however many people have no credit score and are still approved for car loans. It used to be that you needed a spotless credit score in order to be approved for loans, but that is not the case today.
  • Lenders are ready – It is important to understand that there are lenders who have experience dealing with people who have no credit history. These lenders are eager to help you find a car loan that fits your needs.
  • You are not alone – Since there are many people who have no credit, and there are measures in place to help you get a car loan.
  • Being approved shows commitment – Arranging affordable monthly payments and sticking to them will allow you to build credit and feel stable.

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